Projektni sastanak u Novom Sadu

Project Team Meeting was held under Active Girls project

On Wednesday, 20 March 2019, in the Blue Saloon in the building of the Provincial Government in Novi Sad, a meeting was held of the Project Team under the project “Support to sport and physical activities of girls – Active Girls” co-financed by the European Union through the IPA programme of cross-border cooperation between Hungary and Serbia, with the total budget of EUR 210,865.04 of which the funds of the European Union (IPA) amount to EUR 179,235.28.

The leading partner on the project is the Provincial Secretariat for Sport and Youth and other partners are the Fund “European Affairs” of AP Vojvodina, Municipality of Szentes in Hungary and Squash Club “Tisa” from Szeged.

The meeting was chaired by Mr Marko Adamović, Project Manager from the Provincial Secretariat for Sport and Youth.

In the working meeting there was a brief overview of the situation of all the activities. The most attention was devoted to the realisation of the next activities such as the collection of data, creation and printing of teaching material, organisation of workshops and regional camps, procurement of sport equipment, demonstration classes and creation of mobile app for the needs of the project.  

In the working environment, through Q&A, the partners discussed and clarified all the ambiguities in detail so that the project could smoothly be realised.  

Apart from Marko Adamović, the members of the project team on behalf of the Provincial Secretariat for Sport and Youth were Danijela Dabić-financial manager and Dragan Veličković-project administrator.

The meeting was participated, on behalf of the Fund “European Affairs” of AP Vojvodina, by Jovana Rapajić and Nemanja Davidović, on behalf of the Municipality of Szentes by Sándor Lantos and Rakk László, and on behalf of the Squash Club “Tisa” from Szeged by Németh István.

The next meeting was scheduled for September this year.